Blog Extension For Bagisto eCommerce


The Blog extension is a PHP package designed for the Bagisto eCommerce framework, that allows you to very quickly and easily add a powerful and useful blog system to your website.

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  1. Multi-language support in blog post, category & tag
  2. Multi-channel support in a blog post only
  3. You can add primary (for slug) and additional categories to the post
  4. SEO friendly URL eg:
  5. Responsive image support
  6. Option to disable comment widget for individual post
  7. Customize the social share buttons
  8. Post like button (only for the authorized customer)
  9. Display categories and tags list with the number of posts count (option to disable post counts)
  10. The number of widgets such as show previous and next post in post detail page, recent posts in homepage, related posts in detail page, recent posts & comment with nested replies support etc.
  11. Option to limit the number of posts to display per page, related posts & recent post
  12. Option to change the ordering of recent posts such as recent, popularity or random
  13. Option to enable/disable author page, comment widget (globally), guest comment, comment moderation,¬†email notification for a new comment to post’s author & Google reCaptcha for comment form to protect from spam
  14. Option to add multiple email addresses to receive an email notification for new comment
  15. Control the maximum nested comment depth

Click here to see the admin panel of Blog.

Installation Steps

Once you purchase the extension, you will receive a download link in an email. Download and extract the zip file. Once extracted, follow the instructions from the file.



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