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How to install the AdminTheme extension in Bagisto?

Today we are discussing how to install the AdminTheme extension designed for the Bagisto eCommerce framework, which allows you to access beautiful responsive backend panels on any device.

Let’s take a quick review of its features:

  • Based on the Bootstrap 4.6 framework.
  • This theme comes with built-in light and dark layouts, select as per your preference.
  • Due to the responsive design, you can access the admin panel on any device.
  • Beautifully crafted, clean & modern designed admin theme.
  • Easy to apply your brand color using CSS variables.
  • All SCSS and JS files are included in the bundle.
  • RTL Support.
  • Easy to convert your own custom or third-party extensions admin theme.
  • Lifetime updates with new demos and features are guaranteed.

Additional features added those are not available currently in the default admin panel:

  • Sortable field icons in the table
  • Filter to enable/disable, the product’s variant entries in the table.
  • Compact form fields, help you to view more fields at a time.
  • Custom error pages are only for the admin panel.
  • Added optional feature to enable/disable locale dropdown from the admin panel

Now, let’s start the installation steps:

  1. Unzip all the files to packages/Ridhima/WTAdminThemeOne.
  2. Goto composer.json file inside the Bagisto root directory then add the following line under ‘psr-4’
"Ridhima\\WTAdminThemeOne\\": "packages/Ridhima/WTAdminThemeOne/src"
  1. Goto config/app.php file then add the following line under ‘webkul packages’

and comment below the line

// Webkul\Theme\Providers\ThemeServiceProvider::class,

and add the below line just after the above line

  1. Run the below commands before publishing assets to the public folder:
composer dump-autoload
php artisan config:clear
php artisan cache:clear
php artisan route:clear
  1. After that run the below command to publish config and theme files:
php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Ridhima\WTAdminThemeOne\Providers\WTAdminThemeOneServiceProvider" --force
  1. Goto config/themes.php file then add the following line under ‘admin-themes’
'wt-admin-theme-one' => [
'views_path' => 'resources/admin-themes/wt-admin-theme-one/views',
'assets_path' => 'public/admin-themes/wt-admin-theme-one/assets',
'name' => 'WTAdminThemeOne'

and also change the value of ‘admin-default’ in the same file

'admin-default' => 'wt-admin-theme-one',
  1. Change the theme color & login screen image, please follow the below navigation (please see the below image for reference)
Admin -> Configure -> Theme

Enable admin locale dropdown

  1. Goto app/Http/Kernel.php file then add the following line under ‘middlewareGroups’
'web' => [
  1. Goto config/wtadminthemeone.php file to enable/disable the admin locale dropdown list and its options
'enable_admin_locale_menu' => true,
// to display only selected from the added locale in the backend locale menu
// leave empty to display all added locales
// eg: ['en', 'fr']
'allowed_admin_locale' => [
  1. To fix the preview page local issue, overwrite transformActions method with the below method in packages/Webkul/Ui/src/DataGrid/Traits/ProvideCollection.php
private function transformActions($record)
        foreach ($this->actions as $action) {
                $toDisplay = (isset($action['condition']) && gettype($action['condition']) == 'object') ? $action['condition']($record) : true;
                $toDisplayKey = $this->generateKeyFromActionTitle($action['title'], '_to_display');
                $record->$toDisplayKey = $toDisplay;
                if ($toDisplay) {
                        $urlKey = $this->generateKeyFromActionTitle($action['title'], '_url');
                        $routeParams = $record->{$action['index'] ?? $this->index};
                        if (isset($routeParams)) {
                                $record->$urlKey = route($action['route'], $record->{$action['index'] ?? $this->index});
                        } else {
                                $record->$toDisplayKey = false;

Now new admin theme is installed.